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Vain has dropped his much anticipated video for his Hit Single “Hello” which reached the who is credited with helping to launch The Notorious B.I.G.Biggie Smalls career and is best known for his critically acclaimed Mixtape “The Tunnel ,” with Funkmaster Flex Big Kap introduced VAIN and his song “Hello,” on his Burnunit Legends Tour. Big Kap also performed live with Vain during the Tour and a clip of that final live performance is featured in the Ain’t No Nigga Like Me video VAIN and Big Kap callaborated on the single “Bottles In the Air” which features a rare vocal performance from “The Wardin” himself. VAIN’s single “Throw It Back,” was featured on Big Kap’s final Mixtape “State2State.”
VAIN performed “Hello” when he opened up for the one and only “Snoop Dogg” at the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz, California and at DJ Demp’s Birthday Bash where Yo Gotti” was also on the Marquee.

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